Top ranked Home Security Systems for 2019 - there's a catch!

August 2, 2019


The rush to protect households, schools and businesses from vandalism and intrusions is evident by the increased sales of home security systems. It is very important to understand the impacts of buying one, including the risks and benefits of your decision.


Regardless of the system you choose, you are providing personal information to an organization that will monitor your home. These IoT devices, which use the Internet wirelessly to monitor & record your activity, are not designed with data security in mind. In my opinion, the manufacturers have done very little to test security protocols which can make your information vulnerable.


What's unique about these systems are the widespread differences in costs, components (i.e. cameras, motion detectors, windor or door sensors, etc.), monthly subscriptions, potential contracts required, setup time and communication methods needed to call in. So it's advised to compare the differences from the list above and avoid buying one becuase it's on sale.


You'll also find that when surveys are conducted, the sponsor of the survey typically promotes its' own favorite. So research several surveys and draw your own conclusion in terms of what your business or household actually will benefit from. You are better to trust resources such as Consumer Reports (you may have to subscribe & download) which has done the homework for you. Also, use research that is current (say last 6 months) as technology and the marketplace changes quite often.I've included but a few tech vendors that conduct these surveys and recommendations. Prominent marketplace authorities include CNET and Mashable. These two in particular are very good at detailing differences - however, this will require that you read the fine print, understand the technical components, what they do with your data and only buy what you need.


Norm Brien is a freelance writer on technology advancements and impacts to consumers and business. He is a technology consultant for Concentric Business Solutions, LLC, which is a management consulting firm that provider business services and techology solutions.




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