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Stop and think about the progress generations have made in technology in the last 50 years; we've automated ways of getting work done, or talk live via a video phone across the world. We've accomplished feats that are mind-bogling, living longer, healthier lives because of advances in science and technology. Virtuall everyone carries some kind of device just to be "socially available" and or to conduct business.

That's where I come in. With years of experience in business and technology, I help businesses create and realize a vision so that they understand business needs and actively measure that customers are satisfied. 


With the vast amount of technology changes hurled at Data Centers across business sectors and the constant threat of cyber security intrusions, I provide insights that help IT and Business leaders alike to remain focused on customer service. He provides efficient ways to for IT to remain effective for day-to-day operations and offers solutions to keep IT in line with business expectations.


I am a Business and Technology Leader with experience in several industries. Currently employed as the IT Channel Lead and Consultant/Analyst for Concentric Business Solutions, LLC, my expertise helps blend the Business Strategic Plan with the IT Service & Solutions Model.

I would love to chat about your needs, build a lasting relationship and implement the best, secured, money-saving soluiton to sustain your business growth.

  My Expertise


  • Business & Technology Consulting

  • Strategic Analysis 

  • IT & Business Strategy

  • Information Technology Efficiency Review

  • IT Governance & Cost Containment

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